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Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Prophet's Mantle

The prophetic mantle is a heavy mantle; not everyone is cut out to carry it. Elijah didn't offer his prophetic mantle to just anyone; he waited for the right person - Elisha.

Elisha was a wealthy man who willingly gave up everything to gain the prophetic mantle. But, Elisha didn't go to Elijah to gain his mantle; he joined the man of God to be close to the man of God.

In return, Elisha became close to the God of the man of God he served - Elijah. Our desire for the prophetic mantle begins by being attracted to those carrying it. If we yearn for the prophet, we will gain the prophet's mantle.

There is a common trend today to minimize the importance of proximity. We have the web, email, voice-mail, skype, dvd's, cd's and a host of other technological wonders. But, these things, as wonderful as they are, cannot replace the power of being present.

The anointing is caught more than it is taught. To catch the prophetic mantle, we must be with the prophet. This can be difficult. Prophets often have very visible personality flaws.

Prophets are flawed on purpose. Their flaws are usually great. The greater the prophetic mantle on a prophet, the greater the flaws in the prophet. Why? Humility. Humility is the key to gaining and walking in the prophetic mantle. True prophets are humble and flawed human beings.

To gain the prophetic mantle, we must push past the prophet's flaws. Sometimes, this means getting into the mud with the prophet. When Elijah crossed Jordan, Elisha was with him, and he wouldn't leave him, even if it meant getting his feet muddy.

Elijah was a tough mentor. Elijah was in tune with God. Elijah called others to focus on God. This was his calling. But, his calling often caused him to lose sight of others: their needs, their pains, their struggles. Elijah was hard on Elisha.

Elisha endured Elijah: he pressed past Elijah's flaws to gain Elijah's mantle. Elisha desired Elijah's mantle. Elisha was willing to do what was necessary to gain Elijah's mantle. Elisha became God's prophet by being with God's prophet - Elijah.

Elisha gained Elijah's mantle. Elisha, after receiving Elijah's mantle, tested it. Elisha put Elijah's God to the test. The test question: Where is the Lord God of Elijah? This question set the stage for the new prophet - Elisha.

When God sets a stage for you, don't draw back from it, move towards it. Take up the prophetic mantle, and carry it, use it to glorify God so that a clarion sound of the prophetic voice can be heard.

The Prophet's mantle must be passed. Today's prophets need the anointed mantle of the prophet passed to them by yesterday's prophets so that they can begin bearing fruit and bringing forth the blessing of genuine prophecy to a new generation.

Today's prophets can enter in to the greater blessings that genuine prophecy brings if they are willing to let yesterday's prophets teach us their revelation of realms of prophetic ministry.

What I have learned is that true prophetic ministry is defined by two important words: 1) humility, and 2) teach-ability. Genuine prophetic ministry begins with humility and is maintained by teach-ability.

Keeping ourselves humble and teachable opens the door for the greater blessings of God through genuine prophetic ministry. If we want the blessing of genuine prophetic ministry, and the prophet's mantle, then we must walk in humility and teach-ability.

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