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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Prophetic Authority

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God wants more from prophets today. He is looking for an emerging generation of prophets who are unafraid, a fearless group of men and women anointed with the power of His Spirit. We can be that generation. But, to be that prophetic generation, we must function in genuine prophetic authority.

What is prophetic authority? How do we obtain it? Walk in it? Every true prophet must ask this question, or their ministry is doomed to fail. For without genuine prophetic authority, it is impossible to fulfill the mission assigned by God.

God grants prophets unusual levels of authority to carry His word. Why? Because of the adversity created by that word. The devil fights against every true word and true prophet of God. That war on the prophetic ministry has been active since Adam and Eve first met our adversary in the garden.

The devil is a smooth talker, a deceiver. His goal is to lie this world into hell. To do that, he must silence the voice of God. Prophets are a living embodiment of the voice of God. Prophets carry that voice wherever they go. Hence, the devil's wrath and war against the prophetic.

Whenever you see someone angry at prophets and prophecy, it is almost certain that that person has succumbed to some lie of the devil in their life. The devil, and those under his control, cannot stand the authority of the truth that true prophets bring.

Prophets derive their authority from the unadulterated truth in their words. That is why prophets must learn to love the truth. Truth is the banner we carry into the enemy's camp: to loose the captives. The prophetic office is a truth bringer.

Truth is deeper than facts presented. A fact presented can be true, but be presented in such a way as to be a falsehood. Truth, on the other hand, will never succumb to facts. For example, you may be sick in your body or soul. That sickness is a fact. But, God's truth says, "You are healed!"

When we believe the truth, we are set free. When we believe prophetic truth, we are set free into powerful realms of prophetic ministry. When we speak prophetic truth under the power of the Spirit of prophecy, we have power to change nations.

Genuine prophetic authority releases miracles of power. Genuine prophetic authority releases future generations into destiny. Genuine prophetic authority releases nations into divine providence: God at work among men and women.

Please understand: what I am saying will not be gained lightly. No, there is a price to pay for genuine authority with God. That price is a willingness to die to self, to exchange fear with faith and timidity with a holy radical boldness.

Prophets are not, and will never be, timid. God may call some prophets to be diplomatic, but often prophets are called to rock the convenient boat of complacency. That is why prophetic authority is needed to provoke a thoughtless powerless and slothful church into passion and zeal.

A prophet's passion sparks life in the church. A prophet's zeal will consume them, and those around them. Prophets are contagious, for good and evil. That is why we must understand the rod we carry in our hand. If you have been given a prophetic calling, you have a rod of authority in your hand.

Just like Moses, in casting down the rod of authority, we discover the snake buried in that authority. It is not easy being a prophet or prophetic leader. Prophets are targets. Demons love to target prophets. Prophets can be forces for good or evil. That is the power, and price, of prophetic authority in the church.

We must understand that every sword carries with it a double edge. This is the double edge of prophetic authority. Prophets can get off track, they can miss it, and lead groups of men and women into the ditch on either side of prophecy. This is the danger of prophetic authority.

But, prophetic authority used God's way results in the utter decimation of the devil's devices. It uproots, throws down, tear down and pulls down demonic strongholds, even for generations. This is why we need genuine prophetic authority in our day.

My prayer: Lord raise up a company of prophets carrying your prophetic word in the zeal and passion of the Holy Spirit under the unction of your divine authority to change the course of nations and generations.
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